Obama Theme Designs on T-shirts

As the inauguration of the first Black American President Barack Obama marks its spot on American History, fashion too is affected by the “Obama Fever” that is happening right now. Many Obama theme design of T- shirts have occurred during the election period, at first you may say that the designs is primarily used for election paraphernalia and eventually will be gone after the election is over. As the election period runs so as the t-shirts it became the common wear of those who support and follow Barrack Obama in his Speeches and Debates inscribe to the designs are the word “Change”.

As the inauguration approaches the Obama theme T-shirts designs become more creative and some are reinvented in order to have a new look and style. Designs includes the pictures of Barack Obama during his speeches, creative designs that include the word “OBAMA” in it and sometimes one liner quotes with the name of Obama in it.

For those who support Barrack Obama these design became fashion. They wear these clothes  not just because it is in but they wear it because they believe on Barrack Obama’s visions and dreams. Music celebrities such as Will I Am of the Black Eyed Peas wears T-shirt with the Obama Design theme on it in support of Obama.

Everybody can tell that those T-shirts also helped (in a small way )Barrack Obama gained support of people of America in order for him to win the 2008 US Presidential Elections.


~ by akosiemersonsy on January 21, 2009.

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