A Kinder, Gentler Christian Bale at the “Terminator Salvation” Premiere

Christian Bale was all smiles at the premiere of "Terminator Salvation" on Tuesday. McG, the film's director, said he was to blame for the actor's now infamous on-set tirade. "We were making effectively a war scene, and I wanted the blood up of all my actors," McG explained to "Access Hollywood." "Everybody was very wound up and everybody was fired up and I wanted him [Bale] that way ... I riled him up!"

Christian Bale was all smiles at the premiere of "Terminator Salvation

Christian Bale was all smiles during his red carpet walk for the premiere of his latest action film “Terminator Salvation” held at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood on Thursday, May 14. No sign of that angry actor who so famously went off on the film’s director of photography; instead, he hugged his wife Sibi Blazic to his side and behaved.

Perhaps that’s because it isn’t Bale who is getting all the attention for this fourth installment in “The Terminator” series that began way back in 1984. That honor goes to Australian actor Sam Worthington, who breaks out in a big way in the massive action flick.

The former bricklayer from Perth is the man of the hour, as was obvious at the elaborate after party set up in a parking lot across Hollywood Boulevard. As spotlights swept the scene and massive robots loomed over the revelers, Worthington was mobbed by excited new fans. He hung on tight to girlfriend Natalie Mark, and seemed to take it all in stride.

“I think I’m in a lucky position to be getting offered roles that I find interesting,” said the 32-year-old actor who spent ten years working in Australian film, television, and theater before taking the leap to Hollywood. “I’m working with some very talented people and hopefully telling some good stories. And hopefully my work isn’t going to let those people down.”

His co-stars on hand seemed happy with his performance as they did the meet-and-greet at the premiere. Moon Bloodgood, Jane Alexander, Anton Yelchin and Bryce Dallas Howard all made the star-studded scene, along with “Terminator” fans like Rose McGowan, Eric Dane, Anil Kapoor, Tyrese Gibson, Kathryn Morris, Brook Burke, Eric Mabius, and Kelly Osbourne.

But despite the rumors swirling around the party, it turned out that California’s governor and the original star of “The Terminator” Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver did not make the premiere. They did, however send three of their children to the celebration. Katherine, Patrick, and Christopher Schwarzenegger represented the family, and watched their dad’s robot character return to the role that made him a household name 25 years ago.

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