Plasticized Madonna

madonnaWhoever said you can’t turn back time has not seen Madonna’s new ad for Louis Vuitton Autumn/Winter collection. Madonna somehow always manages  to hold the aging process back, however for her latest campaign she seems to have turned back the time.

The star remains the face of LV,  one of the mosr controversial attentions seeking fashion brands. for one more season FW’09. Though she is looking fabulous in the new Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2009-2010 ad campaign shot, however the images show a highly airbrushed Madonna leaning back in a sofa looking uncomfortable. There’s so uch airbrushing here that she is looking completely plastic loosing her own identity rather they could have saved some money and just drawn from scratch.

Years of daily yoga and exercise have certainly paid off for Madonna who looks amazing  for a 50-year-old woman, but there’s nothing like some Photoshop  expertise to add the cherry topping.  The images were shot by Steven Meisel and will released in August 2009 issue of fashion magazines wolrd wide coming out next month.

Recently LV was in the news because of the  new line of six shoes designed by Kanye West for Loius Vuitton. Kanye west is a huge fan of Louis Vuitton and was seen heading into the line’s show in Paris. More than just a fan, though.

Here’s a way to bring a lousy publicity in the line once again- Louis Vuitton has sued a Darfur Fundraiser because an artist created a design featuring a young Darfur refugee carrying a little LV-esque handbag with a tiny dog inside. The point of design, which is being sold on t-shirts and posters, was to show that stars like Paris Hilton get all the media attention and maybe if we use some of their tricks we can bring a bit of much-needed attention to those who really need it. Except, even though it’s not an actual LV bag or logo and despite the fact that 100% of the profit goes to the charity, they’re being sued.


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